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From the Keys to the Magic Kingdom

Florida DMR Statewide Frequencies
Color Code  9   The PRIME DIRECTIVE
Talk Groups Slot-1  90175 NO Encryption Permitted
Slot-2  90275 NO other talkgroups Permitted
NO Private Call
443.1750 MHz +5 North Miami-Dade Operational
443.1375 MHz +5 Fort Myers Operational
443.2375 MHz +5 Orlando Operational
443.3375 MHz +5 Melbourne Operational
443.6375 MHz +5 West Palm Beach Operational
443.7375 MHz +5 South Miami-Dade Operational
443.8375 MHz +5 Port St Lucie Operational
443.9375 MHz +5 Boca Raton Operational
AC4XQ DMR-MARC Frequency
  North Miami-Dade  
  443.1250 MHz +5 Color Code 10
  Slot 1 Talk Groups Slot 2 Talk Groups
  TG 1   World Wide TG 2        Local Repeater
  TG 3   N America TG 3112  Fla Statewide
  TG 13 WW English TG 3174  SE Region
    TG 310    TAC-310

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We would like to give a very special thanks to those without whose  generosity and kindness our club and repeaters would not exist.  They have supported our cause by permitting our repeaters on their properties,
therefore making this system possible.



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