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AC4XQ Repeater System
444.175 Mhz/443.175MHz/443.125MHz/145.210 Mhz/53.030 Mhz
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Emergency Net Sundays at 7:00pm


  444.175 MHz +5.0 MHz PL 107.2 Hz
  145.210 MHz -600 kHz PL 107.2 Hz
    53.030 MHz -1.0 MHz PL 107.2 Hz



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Technical & Web Design Staff:
 Rick - AC4XQ Joaquin - KZ4TI

We would like to give a very special thanks to those without whose  generosity and kindness our club and repeaters would not exist.  They have supported our cause by permitting our repeaters on their properties,
therefore making this system possible.


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